Steeling By Design Metal Creations, Photography, Volkswagen Parts and Culture

We are a full service CNC Plasma Cutting Facility. We have a Precision Plasma 5’ x 5’ cutting table. We use a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 Plasma cutter with a rated cut capacity of 1” thick mild, stainless, or aluminum. We have a full onsite graphics design office for creating custom art and parts. We also have onsite sandblasting services, acid bath dip tank to finish the pieces in preparation for paint or powder coating. We have been doing CNC Plasma Cutting for 4 years.

At Steeling By Design, your personal sketch or design, which is unique to you, can be cut to any size. Names, and other items, can be introduced into almost any metal art cutting as a personal touch, for a more personalized gift for that special someone in your life. we can, also design a logo or sign to set out in your front yard or over a drive. The options of what you would like to dress up and personalize your property, or make your special someone something extra special, are limited with only the imagination.

At Daften Classic, we are the next generation of parts, supplies, and service for classic air cooled Volkswagen and Porsche vehicles. Founded in 2015 in Los Angeles, CA, Daften Classic has started as an eBay vendor and is rapidly growing to take on the future of the most versatile vehicles ever made.

We not only offer parts, but as Beetle owners we offer service and experience coming from a modern perspective, keeping a pulse on old knowledge and new how-tos.  Check out our new line of custom nerf bars for your VW Bug


Daften Classic

Daften Classic is a new generation for classic VW parts and service. We offer the very best in OEM and Aftermarket parts to keep your Bug, Bus, Type 3, Type 4, Ghia or Porsche on the road for years to come

Daften Classic is the result of a love affair with Evalyn, a 1972 Super Beetle, picked up in western Oregon as a first car in 2009, by a first year mechanical engineering student and third generation VW driver, Brendon.

After years of tinkering, repairing, learning, driving, and never giving up, Brendon found himself working in the movie industry in Los Angeles in 2014, and the following year Evalyn followed. Daily driving service resumed and other relationships (with Humans) came to be, as Brendon and his girlfriend decided that the knowledge and time spent working with other VW drivers they met could be better used and connections being made could be employed to help the VW Community locally and throughout the world.

1971 Super

1972 Super – restored

Daften Classic built Nerf Bar

1973 Super

Historics 2012. Portland International Raceway.